Six more commit to season 2021

February 25, 2021

The Christmas break and another lockdown doesn’t mean things are quiet behind the scenes at the FOG with many more players committing to season 2021. 

Senior Coach Shanon Carroll had the following to say regarding each player.

James Edwards – After a break away from footy James has graced us with his presence on the track and is already reminding people of the skill and footy smarts he possesses that makes him such a dangerous and respected player. Unlike opposition teams, we’re extremely pleased James has decided to commit for 2021.

TJ Low –TJ comes back to the FOG after a season with Keilor Park Under 18s in season 2019. Prior to that he was on track to make his senior debut until a nasty shoulder injury kept him side lined for all of season 2018.Now bigger and stronger with a desire to constantly improve, we’re happy to have him home.

Marcus Considine – Big Marcus has once again committed to the FOG and has looked very handy out on the track. Now settling in to blissful married life, the very happy big man looks ready to take on the world.

Matty Wenlock – Our aspiring accountant has again put his hand up to wear the prison bars for season 2021 and looking as good as ever on the track. Often moved around a bit on the ground to cover opposition dangerous talls, Matty is very valuable to the FOG and were excited to see him go again.

Alexander Karagiannis – Chief as he is affectionally know has not put a foot wrong all preseason so far and not missed one session. Although one of our younger members that has graduated through U18s, Chief is one an opponent would not want to run into. We look forward to watching his development this season and if his work ethic is anything to go be, it should be a big one.

George Koukounaras – Another of the next generation coming through, George has already started to develop into a fine young player. Giving us an injury scare on the track a week ago, we were very happy to see George back up and going. Another ferocious attacker of the ball with good developing smarts has us excited about George’s future with the Fog.

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